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Our specialization

Today UARM offers its customers a wide range of goods and services.

The main advantage of the plant lies
in the high quality of products and services

This is achieved through constant upgrading of technical equipment, the introduction of new technologies and the continuing professional development of our engineers and specialists.

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Modern production

In the period from 2010 to 2012 the plant was a complete redesign, including the modernization of all plants, hot dip galvanizing line is reconstructed, renovated park of process equipment for a complete certification of employees of the plant.

Blank Production

Cutting blanks is carried out on the installation of mechanical cutting machine company «MAIKO», Germany. Cutting accuracy of 0.1 mm occurs without thermal effects on the cutting surface, which has a positive effect on the welding process. It is also used plasma cutting company «ESSER», Germany.

Metal Cutting Production

The plant is equipped with automated metal-cutting equipment, including computer-controlled, allows to produce components and spare parts, requiring complex machining.

Painting Production

Introduced paint systems produced in Germany with the blast surface preparation for painting, painting in electrostatic complex environment. They provide high-quality color products with protective decorative properties.

Assembly Production

All product assembly plant is carried out automatically using a special high-tech equipment from Italy, USA, Russia and Germany, with the full supervision of the chief engineer.